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We provide geothermal solutions.

Hot Dry Rocks is a geothermal consulting firm advising on hydrothermal, EGS and Hot Sedimentary Aquifers.  From our geothermal rock properties laboratory to resource predictions to project development, we have over 100 professional years of industry experience.

At HDR, we provide clients with the geologic analysis and resource characterizations that underpin financing.  We advise governments in ascertaining their geothermal resources. We help you take your tenement holding forward to a viable producing resource. Our laboratory, modelling, mapping and analysis lead to the temperature and flow estimates necessary to predict power.

We work in months, not years.  Below are images and videos of our modelling work.  

Australian Heat FlowAustralian Heat Flow









Hot Dry Rocks recently conducted a webinar on the subject of Geothermal Energy and Water Use and a recording of this webinar is available below:

Geothermal Energy and Water Use

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EGS Global Group

In 2011 HDR cemented its international position by creating the EGS Global Group, a consortium of geothermal firms with an expertise in Engineered Geothermal Systems.

EGS Global Group

 Recognising EGS as the future of geothermal, HDR coupled its exploration capabilities with European partners adept at bringing EGS resources on-line. As a group, we have the capacity to provide exploration, development, finance and operation of EGS projects.