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The successful development of geothermal energy resources requires negotiating a path through a complex process of exploration, permitting, financing, drilling, reservoir assessment, design, construction and operation, all the time staying focussed on socio-economic viability. Hot Dry Rocks’ principals have decades of combined experience in the global geothermal energy marketplace. We have worked on projects around the world, across the spectrum of geothermal energy applications, and at different stages of development. We understand the often-conflicting concerns of government, researchers, investors, developers and the community.

Just a sampling of matters that commonly arise in geothermal developments include:

  • Securing access to land, geothermal energy, water

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Finding and assessing historical exploration data

  • Building a conceptual model of the geothermal system

  • Commissioning new exploration surveys

  • Geology, geophysics, geochemistry

  • Identifying drilling locations

  • Permitting for surface exploration and drilling

  • Economic modelling

  • Resource estimation

  • Financing

  • Drilling insurance

  • Managing a drilling program

  • Well testing and reservoir modelling

  • Selecting appropriate power conversion technology

  • Negotiating a power purchase agreement

For a developer, we can be your trusted guide through the process from early stage site selection to successful commissioning and operation. For governments, we can advise on precompetitive data collection and managing geothermal resources for the common good. We provide some services ourselves, but can importantly identify and commission global experts across the wide range of skills and experience required to bring a successful geothermal development online.

To discuss how we can meet your own specific needs, contact us directly.

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