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Hot Dry Rocks Pty Ltd provides in-house skills, resources, and field personnel for downhole precision temperature measurement. Unlike standard wireline temperature measurements utilised in the petroleum industry, the geothermal sector relies on precision temperature logging techniques which have been developed to meet specific geothermal requirements.

Logging temperature to millikelvin precision and accuracy at sub-metre depth intervals can delineate fine scale variations in thermal gradient with depth.  These can be directly correlated with variations in thermal conductivity with depth.  As well as delineating lithological boundaries, precision temperature logging provides a firm basis for calculations of heat flow (the product of thermal gradient and thermal conductivity) when combined with thermal conductivity measurements from the intersected rock formations.

HDR provides the following temperature logging services:

  • Selecting, locating and mapping suitable bores for re-entry

  • Precision logging to 1000 m depth and to geothermal industry requirements (1 m and 0.001°C resolution)

  • Provision of temperature data to 0.001°C precision and 0.01°C accuracy

  • Interpretation of temperature data and subsequent conductivity sampling program design

  • Contracting of deep (>1000 m) and high temperature logging services and supervision of temperature logging

For advice or inquiries about our precision temperature logging services, please contact us directly.

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