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HDR designs, builds and retails bespoke equipment for the geothermal sector.  See examples of our past products below.

‘Moon dust’ thermal conductivity probes

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory contacted us in 2009 to assist with its lunar research program. We were commissioned to design and deliver five probes to measure the very low thermal conductivity of synthetic ‘moon dust’ in a vacuum chamber. The job required HDR to calculate the appropriate dimensions and power level for the devices, meet engineering specifications to integrate with JPL’s existing equipment, build and deliver an initial prototype for testing before completing the remaining fabrication. HDR delivered the probes on time and on budget.

Lake floor temperature loggers

The Global Foundation for Ocean Exploration contacted us in 2016 to design and deliver four probes to monitor the temperature of sediment around hydrothermal vents on the floor of Lake Yellowstone. Design specifications included 0–100°C tolerance, 150 m water depth, autonomous operation for 12 months, multiple recordings per hour, centi-kelvin accuracy at multiple depths, integration with AUV deployment arm, re-deployable, software included. HDR delivered the probes on time and on budget.

Contact us with your own unique problems and we will work with you to deliver solutions.

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