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Heat flow modelling is fundamental to predicting the current and past distribution of temperature in top kilometres of the Earth. While current temperatures are critical for geothermal energy developments, past temperatures influenced the accumulation of other earth resources such as petroleum, coal and hydrothermal mineral deposits. HDR is a global leader in the measurement and modelling of heat flow. Much of our R&D program has focussed on developing new hardware, software and algorithms to refine the prediction of subsurface temperatures. Dr Beardsmore has published a standard text on heat flow measurement and modelling which you can find here

HDR’s in-house software tools let us build numerical models of the solid earth and to populate them with accurate thermal property values and previously measured surface heat flow and borehole temperatures (where available). We incorporate robust thermodynamic principles including the temperature dependence of thermal conductivity.

Specific services include:


  • Determine vertical heat flow from borehole temperature measurements and thermal conductivity of core samples

  • Predict temperature at depth from shallow heat flow and stratigraphic models

  • Predict the heat flow and temperature fields for any given geological model

  • Model in 1D, 2D or 3D

  • Assess the quality of existing borehole temperature data

  • Collect new borehole temperature data to constrain models (More info here)

  • Measure thermal properties of representative rock specimens to constrain models (More info here)

  • Predict locations where spontaneous convection might affect the temperature field

  • Model past thermal conditions consistent with paleo-thermal indicators and current conditions

To discuss how we can meet your own specific needs, contact us directly

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