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Geothermal Energy Consultants


Hot Dry Rocks Pty Ltd (HDR) is Australia’s foremost geothermal energy exploration and development consultancy. HDR specialises in locating and characterising geothermal resources suitable to exploit for power generation or direct use and maintains an enviable reputation for quality and personalised service. We have worked on scores of projects in sedimentary basin geothermal systems, hot rock geothermal systems and conventional geothermal systems.

HDR also supports an internal research and development program, delivering state-of-the-art tools and software for the geothermal sector. For example, HDR developed an electronic divided bar tool for rock thermal conductivity measurement—the first portable instrument of its type in the world—and operates the only commercial laboratory for rock thermal property measurement in Australia.

Through its in-house expertise and strategic partnerships, HDR offers a full range of services and advice from initial ground selection, exploration and resource characterisation; through drilling, reservoir stimulation and appraisal; to economic modelling and full-scale development.

Technical Director of HDR is Dr Graeme Beardsmore. Dr Beardsmore is a Director of the Australian Geothermal Association, Secretary of the Asia Pacific Regional Branch of the International Geothermal Association, Australia's industry representative to the International Partnership for Geothermal Technology, and a Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne. He has over 25 years' experience in geothermal energy exploration.



Consulting Services

Exploration and development advice and guidance for all aspects of geothermal energy development

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Rock Property Measurements

Thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity, thermal diffusivity, density & porosity of rock specimens

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Heat Flow Modelling

Expert assessment and modelling of 1D, 2D or 3D heat flow for subsurface temperature prediction

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Temperature Logging

High precision temperature logging for non-artesian bores <1,000 m depth and <100°C

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Design and Fabrication of Equipment

We design and build bespoke temperature and thermal property measuring and monitoring equipment

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Hot Dry Rocks Pty Ltd introduces the world’s first portable electronic divided bar (PEDB) for measuring the thermal conductivity and heat capacity of rock samples.  The PEDB is the result of collaboration between HDR and a team with long experience building specialist geophysical tools.  HDR drew on its long history measuring the thermal properties of rocks to ensure that the PEDB is simple, functional, portable and versatile without compromising on accuracy and reliability.

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Hot Dry Rocks is developing the Heat Needle, a precise instrument for measuring conductive heat flow at the earth's surface. Applications include geothermal energy, uranium and Iron Oxide Copper Gold exploration; groundwater studies; soil property measurements; regional mapping; and others.

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Please contact us for more information about Hot Dry Rocks, to discuss your needs for geothermal exploration advice, or to request a quote for services or equipment.


Suite 5

5/40 Green Street

Windsor, VIC, 3181, Australia


+61 (0)4 0733 7069

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